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T.S.R.  Stands for “Tecnologia della Saldatura a Resistenza”, which means

Resistance Welding Technology

It has been the cornerstone of our thirty-plus years of business, which has grown to include automation, robotics and special purpose machines

We redesign industry.

We offer what industrial automation projects call for: clear thinking, foresight and a diverse skill set. We knew this back in 1988 and we are even more convinced of it today, as flexibility and innovation continue to change the way we look at the future of our business.

We weld together trust and result.

We have been a partner to numerous SMEs at a crucial stage of growth through the automation of their manufacturing processes and have been a trusted and long-standing reference point for leading international industries dealing with sheet metal and wire..

We put a personal stamp on innovation.

We have proven to be a reliable team with our finger on the pulse of innovation. We have come up with unique, forward-thinking solutions that deliver immediate effectiveness while also standing the test of time, thus optimizing the financial investment